Hoover HGM 61 X Chimney Hood Review

Hoover is a European brand which has a century old experience in home appliances. Every product is invented, modeled or improvised by completely understanding the customer requirements and fulfilling them. The company follows production standards contributing to sustainable environment and has tied up with charity organizations for a social cause. Hoover 60cm HGM 61 X Cooker Hood is a product from this experienced and responsible brand, the following review explains more about it.

Cooker Hood

The Design:

This model has a stainless steel finish and a curved glass fitting in the bottom. The combination of stainless steel and glass gives a contemporary feel and their neutral shades can suit any interiors. The curved glass gives a new look away from the normal. Stainless steel and glass are easy to maintain and can remain new for years together. They are strong and durable too; the size of Hoover 60cm HGM61X Built-in Decor Hoodis 535 – 965 mm in height, 600 mm in width and 490 mm in depth.

Hoover HGM 61 X Chimney Hood Review
Hoover HGM 61 X Chimney Hood Review

The functions:

This HGM 61 X Chimney hood has a 130 Watts motor and the extraction flow rate is 480 m3/h. It can operate in extraction mode and recirculation mode which can be decided as per the convenience of the user. If there is no provision for ducting then recirculation mode can be chosen. It has 4 levels of suction speed control. Depending on the level of fume while cooking the speed level can be chosen. It has push button control which makes the operation and switching over very simple.

Cooker Hood

The filters:

Present in this model are the metal grease filter and charcoal filter. Grease is a resultant of cooking and it is a pain to clean the surfaces around the hob. These filters suck the grease and it keeps the surfaces around non sticky and clean. The filters will have to be cleaned regularly otherwise there are chances for fire. The metal grease filter can be removed once a month and washed with non-abrasive detergent or in a dishwasher on low temperature cycle. This makes maintenance an easy job. The carbon filters present in this hood are not washable and it is required to be replaced every 6 months to obtain the best performance.

No return valve:

This is a special and a very important feature which stops the cold air and the grease vapour from travelling down through the extractor from outside. This feature enhances the performance of the hood.


Hoover 60cm HGM 61 X Stainless Steel Hood offers excellent performance when it comes to extraction rate, noise level and illumination. The extraction rate is high which is 480 m3/h, the decibel level is less and as per rating it is only 56 dBa and it has two halogen lights of 20 watts each which illuminates the hob brightly.


Hoover gives a warranty of one year for this product, and this is from a very experienced brand. Hoover also offers excellent after sales service which adds the flexibility to the user.

Hoover HGM61X 60cm width Chimney Hood – Technical Specification Table

Model Name60cm HGM 61 X Decor Hood
Type of hoodChimney hood , Built-in
MaterialStainless steel and glass
Metal Grease filters1 – Dishwasher safe
Charcoal filterYes
Extraction flow rate480 m3/h
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm535 – 965 x 600 x 490 mm
Product Weight15 kg
Halogen lights2 Nos. 20 W each
Push button controlYes
Extraction or Re-circulation ModesYes
Motor130 W
Air Outlet Diameter150
No return valveYes
Noise Level56 dBa
Power220-240 Watts
Guarantee1 year


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